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Tax Services

Through our sister company, CPM Tax & Accounting LLC, let us be your trusted tax advisor to help you keep more of what you earn.  No matter how you feel about taxes, they are a part of our everyday life.  Are you paying more than what the IRS or the state is asking for? Are you reporting your income and deductions correctly?  How you prepare tax returns, plan for taxes and respond to tax inquiries matters. 

Professional Tax Preparation

Tax laws are constantly changing and become more complex every year. Mistakes and missed opportunities can be costly. Keeping up with changes is a full time job.  We can help.  Our professional tax preparation services focus on maximizing all of your deductions and credits allowed by the tax code to minimize your taxes by saving you money, avoiding expensive penalties and reducing your risk of audit.

We specialize in tax preparation for:

*Small Businesses
*Trusts & Estates
*Non-Profit Organizations

Professional Tax Planning

Waiting until January to plan for the year just passed is too late for most planning techniques!  We have over 60 years of combined tax experience serving high income individuals, corporate executives, business owners, charities, trusts and estates.  Planning without considering tax implications can cost you money and have an adverse impact on your future plans.  Now more than ever you need a professional to help you understand the changing tax environment before you make strategic decisions about your retirement, education planning and other financial areas of concern.

Professional Tax Representation

Have you received an audit notice or other inquiry from the IRS or the State?   Responding correctly can make the difference between quick resolution and collection.  Don't make the mistake of sending the IRS or state additional money without an advocate examining the letter representing YOU. Wherever you are in the collection process, we can represent you before the IRS or the state. 

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